Headed to Mexico for a Vacation Next Year… So NOW I Want to Learn Spanish!

Long ago, in a faraway country called Junior High, I made a choice that would impact my entire future. See, we were all given a simple choice: Did we want to learn Spanish… or French. I went with French for obvious reasons… first, my mom studied it and I figured that would be helpful. Second, this cute boy I had a major crush on chose French.

Turned out fine, and I even got to go to France as an exchange student in high school. Note to self: NEVER let your high schooler go to France as an exchange student… especially if you’re not 100% certain the host parents will actually be HOME and not off in Club Med, Mexico (like mine were – the whole month!).

Anyhow, surprise, surprise – turns out that Spanish is a much more useful language if you’re living in the United States (unless you’re way up north). Now, with a little vacay on the books for next year, I want to learn Spanish – at least enough to get around. So, I’ve started looking into it and here’s what I’ve found.

How Easy Is It To Learn Spanish from English?

With the growing population of Spanish-speakers, learning the beautiful language has become helpful. Those working in the global manufacturing business know the prominent role of Spanish-speaking countries and the importance of understanding more than one language. While some learn out of necessity, others wish to learn Spanish merely for its beauty. No matter why you want to learn Spanish, there are tools and resources available to you. Trying several of them out is the greatest method to learn a new language quickly.

These 5 guidelines can help point you in the right direction when learning Spanish as an English speaker in your own timing.

#1: Work your way up.

Learning English took longer than one day, and so will learning Spanish. Many English speakers don’t know everything about the language and learn new words each day and the same will go for other languages.

#2: Understand grammar and structure primarily.

The way that sentences are structured in Spanish varies greatly from English. Working hard to first understand Spanish grammar and structure will make learning new words and putting them together a lot easier, especially in the long run.

#3: Practice using flashcards.

You may get flashbacks to elementary school just thinking about this, but using flashcards is actually one of the most effective Spanish-learning methods. It’s also extremely cheap and can be done at any time. No matter which Spanish dialect you are attempting to learn at home, playing how-to Spanish games, especially ones involving flashcards, is very beneficial.

#4: Get as much practice as you can.

While you’re driving, taking a shower, cooking meals, and doing housework, take the opportunity to practice your Spanish skills. Practicing by speaking Spanish out loud is the greatest learning method if you want to speak Spanish fluently. Speaking words and hearing them gives you a much better ear for recognizing and understanding Spanish.

#5: Find a practice amigo.

Having a partner to practice your language skills with will help you learn Spanish quickly. You can find somebody who is learning Spanish at the same time you are and study together. Find Spanish-learning games to play with one another. You can also look online for forums, chat rooms, social media platforms, and also message boards catering to those searching for techniques to learn Spanish. You can use all of these outlets to your benefit, and begin speaking Spanish in no time.

Whether you want to learn Spanish for work, to appreciate the beauty of the language, to get ready for a vacation, or whatever other reason you may have, many helpful and fun learning opportunities are at your disposal.

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