Here’s What to Expect If He Starts Looking into Hair Loss Treatment Options

Hair Loss TreatmentTechnology has been advancing quickly throughout the world. Hair loss treatment options have become much more effective. That’s because modern manufacturing companies make hair products by utilizing ingredients that are safe for use. Products including shampoos designed for men experiencing hair loss are new and improved. He can use them to avoid balding and repair the scalp which is responsible for excess hair shedding, and also the inhibition of normal hair regrowth. Some shampoos for men work to strengthen protein structures of their hair follicles. They prevent further hair loss when taking a shower or brushing your hair. They also provide the nourishing agents necessary for maintaining healthy and full hair.

Hair Loss Medication

Minoxidil can help nudge hair follicles back into growth mode,  reducing issues including excessive hair loss and baldness. Researchers have discovered several causes of baldness, and most of them are not all that surprising. They include genetics, excessive dyes, and chemicals in the products you use. They also include unbalanced hormones, diseases including alopecia areata, and hypothyroidism.

Chronic high levels of stress don’t do our health any favors – and the same holds true regarding hair loss. That’s because stress puts a heavy load on the human immune system, causing various health issues throughout the body. Using Minoxidil on a regular basis may work. You can fully restore your hair growth and repair damaged hair by providing it with the vital nutrients it requires.

An alternative medical product doctors often prescribe is Finasteride. It helps to halt the process of hair loss while reducing balding and hair thinning. He’ll need to take it regularly for about three months before seeing good results. Studies have shown that hair loss can recur a year after you begin taking this medicine. Using this medication comes with the risk of several side effects. Some men experience impotence or other ejaculation disorders. Grrrrrreat, right?

Vitamins formulated to promote shiny and healthy hair growth work well for some men. Many of the products on the market are combinations of biotin, amino acids, vitamin E and B6, and zinc. These ingredients seem to be fairly effective in battling hair loss. People using these products often have lustrous, healthy, thick hair. While they don’t work for everyone, many men who use these supplements get the results they want. Plus, since they’re relatively natural, these supplements don’t come with a long list of health warnings. There’s no reason to worry about using them.

Hair Loss Surgery

As opposed to medicine, your guy may decide to look into surgical options. The most popular of these is the hair transplant, and it’s a procedure that’s come a long way over the years. The process involves moving hair from the back or side of the scalp to bald areas.  The method is often very successful and produces satisfying results among men. Similarly to other procedures, this method will take years to see the best results.

Transplant surgery’s not the only option. There’s another surgical procedure called tissue expansion. This method involves carefully inserting tiny balloons underneath the patient’s scalp. Over time, the balloons deflate, increasing this area of hair. The balloons are then surgically removed.

Alternative hair loss treatment methods are out there. You just have to do your research. Every hair loss option has its own pros and cons. Some have significant side effects, and others are easy to deal with. And of course, there’s the simplest option of all: embrace the baldness!